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Faith formation is at the heart of our living and being Christian. We believe in actively engaging our faith through worship, mission, working for justice and peace, evangelism, and education, so that our faith may be nurtured, enlivened, sustained, and formed. We are reminded that God's Spirit is continually present in our efforts to gain both “head” knowledge found in education and learning and “heart” wisdom discovered through prayer, ritual, and practice.


Christian Education isn’t just for kids! We recognize faith formation is a life-long venture. Here at First Church we offer a number of opportunities to learn, grow, and transform our lives through Bible study, book groups, workshops, and small group discussions.


We offer nursery care and Sunday School for K-5 every Sunday. On the second Sunday of the month K-5 meet for Music Sunday and 6-8 meet for some fun learning and activities.

Children attend the first part of the worship service and then proceed to class after the children’s sermon and scripture lesson. Children are welcome and encouraged to participate in all aspects of our life together as a community.


On the first Sunday of every month, the Hampshire Association (HA) Youth Group meets for some food, fun, and conversation. Every summer the youth group goes on a service trip, which has included a combined trip to Allentown, PA to do service work and attend the UCC Eastern Regional Youth Event in California, PA, and a trip to YouthWorks in Rutland, VT to do some outdoor service work.  A few of the teens also went on an intergenerational service trip to Puerto Rico. During the year we have an occasional social night out like pizza and the movies and going to the circus. Currently, the HA Youth Group is comprised of teens from three area churches. Two  other area churches have expressed an interest in getting involved in the Fall of 2019. 

Once a month, 6th - 9th graders are invited for some faith and fun on Teen Sundays during worship.

Confirmation classes are held for high school students.




All ages will be in worship -- ALL TOGETHER -- in the Sanctuary until next fall.
We have Children’s Bibles and books and activity clipboards for anyone wanting an extra "something to do in the pew."
Online Sunday School will also continue by facebook and by email.
Questions?  call, text, or email: 
jeanbbaxter@gmail.com   413-575-4299

HOMECOMING SUNDAY – September 12th
We’ll begin our new Christian Ed plans for ALL ages with a BIG celebration!

Online Sunday School will also continue into the future, bringing Bible stories and activities to families by facebook and by email.

Please SHARE the Sunday School facebook posts to everyone and anyone.  Forward our worship service, too.  We know traditional church isn’t for everyone – and this is a way to keep church in our lives and widen the community we can share our message with.