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We are a community guided by love, hope, and Christian tradition. Our purpose is to help transform the lives of individuals through the power of Jesus Christ, so that together we might transform the world. Inspired by Jesus' example, we recognize that every individual comes to our table with a unique set of needs, talents, and experiences, and that everyone has value to our mission.


We are an Open and Affirming Congregation

As a Open and Affirming community of Christian faith, we warmly welcome all to engage with us in our mission, regardless of age, economic status, ethnicity, family structure, gender identity or expression, marital standing, national origin, physical and mental health status, race, sexual orientation, or any other label that would seek to divide rather than to unite.  


Our History

Our church has been around since 1659. Some folks from Connecticut withdrew from their churches there and came to this fertile valley to form a new town and start a new church.

Our Staff

Meet our aweome staff! Their commitment and dedication keep us going day after day. 

Become a Member

How do I get started? 
The best way is to come and be part of our journey—worship with us, fellowship with us, learn and grow with us.