Hopefully your summer was fun and relaxing but now it is time to plan for the church year ahead.  We will have a fifth Sunday Service on September 30th but the details are still in the works.  There will be a need for volunteers at Not Bread Alone to prepare a meal for those people with limited resources.  The other fifth Sundays will be December 30, 2012, March 31, 2013, and June 30, 2013.

Mission Opportunity
On July 29th we heard from Ali Childs about a family in need of help in Haiti.  Ali has been going to Haiti often since the earthquake last year and working in the hospital there as a nurse.  She met a family there (The Pierre’s) and became Godmother to one of their children (named Alison after her). They lived in a tent for a long time as their home had been demolished.  They now have had a fourth child and are living in a two room apartment which is paid for until February but they are trying to raise funds to buy a lot and build a house.  
The lot they are looking at has a mango tree which would give source of income and food and costs $7000.  They can’t negotiate a price until they have the entire amount. To build a concrete house is another $5000.  We on the mission committee are trying to help this family by giving out water bottles that will turn into dime banks and when filled will hold approximately $50 each.  Will you take one and fill it?  Ali has spoken to other churches as well and is hoping to get our help.  
We initially planned to turn these bottles in by Homecoming Sunday on September 9th but I am sure we will accept them after that as well!  Please pick up a bottle or two from the back of the sanctuary.  Thank you for your generosity.