All In


November 2012


I have never been asked for money as often as I have been asked these past few months, thanks to this year’s election. Via e-mail, Pandora, knocks on the door, phone calls in the night, and the good old fashioned work of the U.S. Postal Service, I probably field half a dozen requests a day from Mitt, Barack, Elizabeth, and Scott, all of whom want me to let them know "I’m in” by making a donation right now. 


And I haven’t.  


I haven’t donated so much as a dime. Not because I don’t care or because I’ve grown cynical about politics or because I think this election doesn’t matter, but because there is something that matters to me even more - our church – and I’m saving my money so I can give as generously to First Church as I possibly can.  


You see politicians come and go, parties rise and fall, but if the last 353 years are any indication, our church is here to stay. I know that no matter what happens with the economy or healthcare or even the world, that it is the church -my church - that will be here to help me understand and navigate and weather those changes. I know that there are people in this community of faith who will pray for me, support me, and love me through whatever may come, because I see how our church already does this for me and for so many others.  


Just think for a moment about how many people have been fed this year alone from meals made in our church kitchen. Think about the number of prayers - prayers for people we love and people we have never even met - that have gone forth from our lips as we have gathered together in worship. Think about the number of individuals who have found sanctuary in our midst, healing in the arms of this community, and hope thanks to the generosity and openness that have come to define this congregation.  


I don’t give generously to this church simply because I’m its pastor, I give because I believe that our church truly is a light in this world, a refuge in times of trouble, a beacon of hope and a force for good in this world. I give because I see lives changed here. I give because I feel the Spirit moving in our midst in lively and powerful ways. I give to let those of you who call First Church of Hadley your spiritual home know that I’m in this with you, for the sake of the world, to the glory of God. And my prayer is that you will give too. Our theme this year is:


Reaching Higher Shining Brighter


and with your help we can and we will. Our goal is $145,000. For those of you who live locally, we will kick off our campaign in worship this coming Sunday November 4 and send out the pledges along the routes we’ve established over the past few years. 


We hope to have all the pledges signed, sealed, and delivered by November 18, so that our team captains can place them on the altar Thanksgiving Sunday.  


Friends, Jesus said: “you are the light of the world.” Let us give as generously as we are able to keep the light shining brightly throughout this coming year and for years and years and years to come. 


Peace and many thanks, Pastor Sarah


P.S. If you are unable to participate or would rather have a pledge packet sent via mail please contact Kara Kapinos through the church office prior to November 1.  If you received your pledge packet by mail last year, we will automatically send one to you by mail this year, unless we hear otherwise. We will also have additional pledge packets put together and available at worship for anyone who would like to take part for the first time.